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    • Ingame Rules   1. Flame and flame-baiting Members should not attack or harass other members of the community or provoke other members into attacking or harassing themselves or someone else. E.g Name calling,Insulting Remember to talk to other members the way you would want them to talk to you (this doesn’t give a free pass to violate this rule) - You will get muted.   1a. Racism Comments or jokes against a race or religion are extremely unacceptable here. E.g using the word N***** in common banter won’t be allowed either. (someone somewhere at sometime will find said example to be offensive)  You may not say anything related to the N-word or the word itself.  - You will get muted.   1b. Innapropriate language This is a video game not a dating website,adult website or drug friendly community so do not bring conversations like this into the public areas of the game.(friend chats,public chats or even around someone that might get offended by it) We believe in keeping a fairly clean community so this behavior is not acceptable. - You will get muted.    1c. Getting involved in issues that are being handled by a staff member If you want to jump in the middle of a situation (no matter the size) that is being handled by a staff member. E.g 2 players flaming/fighting or a scam and you make a comment about 1 of the players in question. If you are not adding information or something positive please don’t get involved as this will put you at risk for getting mute marks. 2. Scamming Scamming under any circumstance is unacceptable. We do not want toxic players to scam other players. If caught scamming you’ll be punished upon a valid punishment.  - 24 hours jail   3. Macroing (botting) Using any bots such as auto-clicker, auto-typers etc… are not tolerated. We expect our players to work for their goals themselves, not through a bot. - 24 hours jail 4. Abusing/Manipulating the AFK system Being afk whilst bossing (hitting a NPC) or training a skill isn't allowed. We want our members to pay attention to the game. If caught AFK'ing a staff member may confiscate the items/XP you've gotten.  - 1 Sendhomes then 24 hours jail. 
        5. Advertising Posting link(s) that are redirected to another RSPS, inviting players to another server or encouraging people to join another server is unacceptable. We don’t want to lose our player base over to another server. Advertising will NOT be taken lightly. - IP-Ban   6a. Posting links to inappropriate content will not be tolerated either (porn, screamers, etc.) - Mute or ban (48hr)   6b. Posting false links will not be tolerated E.g you are supposed to be linking a youtube video and it sends you to a different/malicious website. 7. Real-World trading (RWT) Buying or selling in-game items/cash for anything outside of the game is at your own risk. YOU will not be refunded your items if you happen to get scammed. No staff or other member of the community will middle man you in this process, and NO ONE will be a "Verified Middle Man" by staff, EVER. Be cautious.
      8. Bug abuse If you’ve find a bug, please do not abuse. We’re expecting our players to kindly report any bugs found without abusing it. We do not want anyone to have an unfair advantage over other players. If caught abusing a bug, you will get punished. Punishment varies Abusing any kind of bug is generally a serious issue but some are worse than others. If you abuse a bug that allows you to gain an advantage over other players (finding a way to camp a boss) that isn’t intended, staff might confiscate gained items. Abusing any kind of dupe will result in an ipban Abusing any kind of bug after staff have been made aware of it will result in appropriate punishment based on the severity (a bug in the shops allow a person to sell chaotics for dung tokens and you use it to make gains over others after telling staff) 9. Chargebacking If you have donated for any kind of item/rank, you're not allowed to charge it back. Chargebacking will result in you getting an IP-ban. We tend to use any money received to keep our server up.  - IP-Ban
      10. Threats Any form of DDoS or hacking threats (or threats in general) will NOT be acceptable under any circumstance. We take threats very seriously for our own and players security. If heavily needed we may contact the authorities. - IP-Ban 11. Punishment Evasion Evading a punishment isn't tolerated, by doing so your current punishment will only be extended.  - Evading Mute = IP-Mute - Evading IP-Mute = 24 hours ban - Evading Jail = Jail on the alternative account - Evading jail 2 times = 24 hours ban - Evading IP-Ban = Permanent IP-Ban.

      [Notice] Not all rules are listed here, please use common sense when playing. These rules apply to the forums as well as the discord
    • ARCILIUM OFFICIAL STAFF TEAM    Owner  Convict   Co-Owner Convex   Game Developer Blue Fire    Administrators  Ryan Bash     Server Moderators  Slayer Ethereal      Forum Moderators  Zignis      Server Supporters  Trace     Promotion log:   Demotion/resignation log:  
    • Let's get a slayer task monster location guide But nice guides! Thanks for these!
    • Guest Blue
      OVERLOADED: 40$ ( perm Overload throughout the game) Renewed: 40$ ( perm Renewal) Wizard: 10$ (unlimited runes) Slayer Deserter: 20$ (unlimited skips basically free)  Soulsplit Enhancer: 25$ ( 20% increase on soulsplit) Ava's Mastery: 10$ ( Saves all arrows/bolts in slot) Hunger: 20$ ( increased the amount of health gained from rocktails by 250HP) Tank: 25$ ( remove 35% of damage taken) Dominion Badass: 5$ ( skips dominion and grants free gloves) High Priest: 10$ (buried bones grant the amount of xp as an altar) Charmed: 5$ (charms go to bank) Dungeoneering: 5$ ( double tokens) Botanist 5$ (all patches have 100% chance of not dieing) Athlete: 5$ ( unlimited run ) fire cape: 5$ Kiln cape: 10$ Donator Ring 10$ ( better stats then all rings in game, built in row ) Donator helm: 10$ ( better then all helms in game except t90s)